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Top 10 reasons why to choose Replicas over Authentics

On our weekly column, owner and author Mick Jones from will bring you a top 10 list.

That is the number one question we get all the time from customers. Why do you not have authentics? why is it just replicas available? Well now CrispyKicks is bringing you "Why choose replicas over authentics!"

10) No more waiting outside of stores, chances of getting robbed, your car broken in, waiting in long lines.
Tired of waking up early? Getting in the cold car or onto the bus just to go down to the mall to spend hours in line? What about that shady guy who just pulled up looking at everyone carrying hundreds of dollars on them? Ordering replicas online is safe, and you do not have to wait in any line! Just order in minutes, not hours!

9) Unreleased, never seen before, custom and player released shoes.
This should be #1 - In replica shoes you can get custom team colors, custom prints (Like cement, elephant, or almost any colorway) on your favorite shoes.  There's unique colors and styles that have never seen store shelves or have been released that are always in stock.

8) Sizes that were never available are now in stock
Many of the hottest styles have been only released in mens, or women s sizes. Now you can cop the hottest kicks in any size. There are usually all custom kicks in sizes 8-13 in US Mens sizes.
Sometimes you have to settle for getting a size bigger or even smaller (how horrible!) then what you wear to get a pair you want, but with replicas you do not have to!

7) You can cut the grass in them! Look fresh while making the lawn clean!
You can wear your replica kicks anywhere without worrying about wasting money. Because you saved so much on them, you can wear them to school, on the bike, by the pool, or while doing chores. It does not matter anymore!

6) Get pairs never released in over 10 Years!
Usually Jordans only come out once every 10 years - there are not many re-releases of the top selling pairs. That means you must wait and wait for the next time that they decide to release another one of your dream pairs.  And guess what, if you're sleeping in on that Saturday that they come out, you have to wait for the clock to roll again for the stores to have another pair of your sold out dream kicks in stock!

5) You can go out and wear them to the restaurant or club without worrying about spilling a drink on them!
What if you wear your authentic kicks to a club, and all night people are stepping on your toes, spilling drinks, and staining up your kicks? Well with replicas, this isn't and issue since you can easily clean, restore, or repair any problem on them!

4) Stop giving money to re-sellers!
Some sellers buy 10-100 pairs at a time, and buy them at retail, and sell them for double, triple or even 10 times retail prices! (Check out how much a mint pair of Air Yeezys are going for! As much as a used car!)
You can finally get the kicks you want a reasonable price.

3) Have a pair of authentic s you want to save or keep fresh? Get a pair of replicas as backup!
Have the best of both worlds! You can buy and store a pair of authentic kicks for your collection, and rock a pair of replicas.  That way you have have your cake and eat it too.  Still rock the unique style of the shoes you want and have the option of rocking the authentic. Replicas open up a ton of options for collectors and sneaker heads.

2) No more fighting with Twitter bots and getting out of stock shoes
Pissed off that the bots on twitter added those shoes quicker to the cart then you could? Usually after there is a tweet about any new release, there is a 0.1 of a second for you to grab that pair! No more waiting for that once in a 10 year release time to grab your pair, you can get any pair you want, any time you want, and for less then half of the price.

1) They are cheaper! Save your cash!

Number one reason! Why spend $175 plus tax plus shipping on any regular pair? Normal replicas are less then half of that price. Plus, usually re-sellers charge upwards of $400 to even $2000 on a pair of Air Yeezys.  Start to save your cash today. Check out Cheap Air Jordans On CrispyKicks!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CrispyKicks Most Wanted - Top 3 Most Wanted Air Jordans of All Time

CrispyKicks Most Wanted - Top 3 Most Wanted Air Jordans of All Time

Jordan XI Black Red / Playoffs / Breds
#3Flawless - One of A Kind - A Masterpiece - The Jordan 11 Only @ CrispyKicks

It all started with a lawnmower. Tinker Hatfield was the man for years masterminded the design of the Jordan shoes, and as he explained that it was a mower but it was created beautifully and that it really provided the most of the inspiration for the Jordan 11 because his lawnmower always was to be very rugged. 

Concord is a type of Grapes - So are these the Grape 11's?
#2 The Black and White Jordan XI - Better Known as the Concords - Always sold out as soon as it launches into stores, actually it launches everyone into a shopping frenzy. Maybe that is why it comes out around the hype of Christmas Shopping. Keen eyes and long time lovers of the Jordan 11 will find the Breds (Black and Reds, or Playoffs) Space Jams, Cool Greys, and the Concords as the best sellers on CrispyKicks!

Black or White Grapes? Which Looks Better?
#1 The Air Jordan 5 Retro brings back a classic early 90's style. Originally designed by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and inspired by the WWII Mustang fighter plane. Featuring full-grain leather and Durabuk upper for prime comfort and style. The clear rubber out sole gives a sleek look with herringbone pattern for enhanced traction and flex grooves for limitless flexibility. The shoe's inner sleeve gives a snug fit and Nike Air units in the heel and forefoot give premium cushioning. The Air Jordan 5 Retro has been a highly anticipated return and shouldn't be missed while they are here at CrispyKicks!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fake Jordans vs Real - What is the Difference?

When looking at Jordans or other Nike Shoes, What does Variant Mean?

Here is the question we see most often, what does Variants, replicas, fake or non-authentic mean? Especially when it comes to Jordans, Air Forces, Nike Air Yeezys and other Kicks, it is the number one question we see.
Lets look at a few things and compare them side by side, such as the box, the shoes itself, and the features or technology.

A picture of a Authentic Jordan Box - Perfect Condition
First when it comes to the box, both will be almost the same.  Variants (or Non-Authentic shoes) do come double boxed from high quality sellers.  That means that the shoe box does have another shipping box around the Jordan box itself to protect the box, and the shoes inside.  That means there are no shipping stickers or anything like that.  There are two things though that variants do not have copied as well as the authentics, and that is the quality of cardboard, and that the shoes are shipped from overseas.

Double boxed shoes to protect the Kicks inside - Beautifully done
Variant shoe boxes may not hold up as well as authentic ones, since they are a lesser quality cardboard, so it maybe flimsy, but it still will look the same as authentic store bought shoes. Also, when shoes are shipped from overseas, it may sometimes get damaged in shipping, and the box may have some folds, or creases in it.

Next with the shoes themselves the variants vs authentics have some differences again.  The variants sometimes may have a color or material difference with the authentics.  Such as using a shade off color may occur, or a different type of leather may be used, such as suede or smooth leather instead of real leather.
Fake Vs Real Carbon Fiber Shank Plate - Which is Which?
And of course, the technology and features of the shoes.  The biggest one is variant shoes do not use the same technology that makes Jordans or other Nike shoes so expensive such as carbon fiber shank plates, (Such as the visible one in the Jordan 11's) or the Zoom air insoles which are in so many basketball shoes.  The variant shoes only have a foam insole, and a plastic shank plate.
The carbon fiber is a light weight material which evenly distributes the force of when a player is landing on the ground after a jump, and is a great piece of technology to have in a pair of shoes.  The variant ones will not have this, but it will just look like it does.
The Biggest Break Through - The Zoom Air Insoles

Here you can clearly see the Carbon Fiber in a Jordan XI - and the Zoom Air insole
The zoom air is an air bag within the sole, which is not visible at all.  This makes it softer to run around and to jump, the authentics do have this, while the variants do not.
Lastly, the biggest difference is price.  Authentic Jordans do go for about $180 retail, to up to $450 to thousands more on the open market!  With variants, you can get shoes for half this price, such as at and you do not have to wait around for a specific colorway, or a size that may be out of stock.  Variants are always in stock, and always able to be shipped.  There are unlimited stock amounts available in all mens sizes (usually 8-12).

CrispyKicks.Com - Nike Air Jordans
Written and prepared by Mike Jones
CrispyKicks Owner and CEO